The Last Porno Theatre

Posted by Damon Schreiber (Toronto, Canada) on 31 January 2007 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Beautiful urban decline. Or is it? The Metro Theatre represents what is the last movie house in the city dedicated to showing 'blue movies' - you know, smut, filth, skin-flicks. I guess the VHS and now DVD industry did them in. So perhaps its decline means beautification for the urban environment. The story is that the owner has been trying to sell the theatre for a number of years, but no one will buy it at his asking price. Meanwhile, he feels a certain sense of responsibility to the old guys who apparently still go in every day. So even in its money-losing decline, he still keeps it going. Anyway, you can read about all that stuff here, and this is also funny.

Oddly, it's in a reasonably nice neighbourhood - Korea Town which is very respectable and not an area given to unrepentant seediness. No one pays the theatre any attention any more, but in its glory days, it was the kind of place that made one feel slightly uncomfortable walking past. So judge not lest ye be judged, I just wanted to document a place that will probably soon be a memory. I also wanted to see what happens when you click 'Adult' on the Update Image page.

hi-res here.

[Bloor at Manning, Toronto]

Canon PowerShot G3
1/25 second
ISO 50
8 mm

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