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Smoking Section
7 January 2017

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2 January 2017

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Up against the wall
1 January 2017

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Revolución Infinitium
7 February 2013

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New Year's Morning
2 January 2012

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Fall and Spring
28 May 2011

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2 February 2011

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Face Down
18 August 2010

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Two Against Nature
21 July 2010

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1 June 2010

Thumbnail image

Empty Seats
2 October 2009

Thumbnail image

16 March 2009

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A Bargain
22 July 2007

Recent Comments

Stu on The Pickle Incident
Perfect title for this. I think there may have been a tsukemono massacre here some time ago....

Stu on Bigfoot?
Ha! Terrific!

JS on Bigfoot?
Bride of Chewbacca.

Daryl Johnson on Everyday Basic Needs
Good lord...

L'Angevine on Everyday Basic Needs
génial ces cabines

L'Angevine on Bigfoot?
c'est splendide

Gérard on Everyday Basic Needs
There should be a long wait to phone....

Blikvanger on Bigfoot?
For sure Big Foot. Very funny photo.

Gérard on Bigfoot?
Long hairs !

L'Angevine on Rain Shoes
bon travail

: Helen : on Bigfoot?
ROFL! Oh the tile is a killer! Well spotted!

Harry on Rain Shoes
ah, there's a story there

Gérard on Rain Shoes
A good washing also !

: Helen : on Rain Shoes
Simplicity has worked here! Nice

Daryl Johnson on Crane Dance
Very cool. I don't see them doing anything but dancing now.

L'Angevine on Crane Dance

L'Angevine on 10 Wheels Good
Bel effet

L'Angevine on 10 Wheels Good
Bel effet

Daryl Johnson on 10 Wheels Good
Good security system!

L'Angevine on The Pickle Incident
Eh ben que des cornichons

Annima on 10 Wheels Good

Harry on The Pickle Incident
I had to smile at your caption.

Daryl Johnson on The Pickle Incident
So. The truth is finally told.

L'Angevine on Self Portrait in Curry
belle composition et recherche

Gérard on The Pickle Incident
It is a pity for the dish of yesterday....

Daryl Johnson on Self Portrait in Curry
What a gorgeous face it is...

omid on Self Portrait in Curry
Yummy! Yummmmmy! :) such beautiful frame, focus, colors, lights & details! Lovely!

: Helen : on Self Portrait in Curry
Ha, ha!! That is cool! Perhaps the curry isn't though. It looks delicious all the same. This is a ST kinda shot!

Gérard on Self Portrait in Curry
You have prety eyes !!

Daryl Johnson on This Way
Yes it's another level of care and attention hey?

Daryl Johnson on Smoking Section
That's very atmospheric, just right...

Daryl Johnson on Some Pig
Very cool...

k@ on Smoking Section
Love this series and your oh so cinematic framings, excellent !!

Damon Schreiber on All Dressed Up
We all have to go somewhere.

Damon Schreiber on This Way

Damon Schreiber on Some Pig
Pas drole pour le pauvre cochon! (Merci!)

L'Angevine on All Dressed Up
Je fais là de même

L'Angevine on This Way
Superbe ce pilotage

L'Angevine on Smoking Section
bien ce cadrage

rbassin on Smoking Section
bien vu, bon éclairage.

L'Angevine on Some Pig

L'Angevine on Returning from School

Daryl Johnson on Returning from School
I visited this. The architecture, the shape of those walls, and the shallow steps all bring it right back. Nice surreal ...

Daryl Johnson on Ashiyagawa
Ahh very evocative, natsukashi, nice colour palette.

Daryl Johnson on Up against the wall
Well lookie who we have here...!!

L'Angevine on Prayers for the New Year
oh bel effet

L'Angevine on Ashiyagawa
oh beau

omid on Ashiyagawa
such beautiful composition & graphics! Amazing street shot.

L'Angevine on Up against the wall
belle lumière

k@ on Up against the wall
Hey dear U, how do you do ? I like your Absurd philosophy, deep and fun at the same time ! Happy New Year, and happy to ...

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